Harvard Cheating Scandal – NWI weighs in

NWI president Lewis Maltby was interviewed on NBC’s Today show regarding the Harvard e-mail hacking scandal. http://www.today.com/video/today/51144808 read more

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NWI Addresses Judicial Conference on Privacy

NWI Addresses Judicial Conference on Privacy NWI president Lewis Maltby addressed 150 appellate court judges at the July 16 meeting of the Foundation for Judicial Excellence regarding employment privacy. Judges have consistently held that employees have no right of privacy in company owned computers. Maltby pointed out that this rule, while perhaps fair for office […] read more

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NFL Lockout

The Looming NFL Lockout Who’s to Blame? In most labor disputes, it’s easy to pick sides. Just support the little guy. It’s easy to root for a worker trying to raise a family on $30,000 a year, who is struggling to get a 5% raise from a CEO that makes $5 million a year. But […] read more

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Psychological Testing Statement

Psychological Testing Statement read more

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

rbitration holds the potential to make workplace justice truly available to all employees by reducing the high costs and time normally associated with resolving employment disputes. This need not be second-class justice. Still, too often the current system is highly inadequate. Arbitration should never be a condition of employment. And even when it is freely chosen, arbitration must provide due process. read more

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