Bill Maher is not the Problem

Bill Maher screwed up last Friday. The N word is so emotionally freighted with the memory of slavery, lynching, and discrimination that it’s never o.k. for a white person to use it, no matter what the circumstances. I learned this lesson from Cornell Brooks years ago. I used the word quoting Bull Connor. Cornell explained […] read more

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Supreme Court to Consumers: Fraud is Legal, Get Over It.

Liza Concepcion was a victim of consumer fraud by AT&T. Now after being caught in a catch-22 with thousands of others, the Supreme Court announced AT&T is home free. Learn about the latest corporate "get out of jail free" card. read more

Biometric Blunders at the Airport

Congressman John Mica (R-FL) is pushing the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to implement a biometric identification program for port and maritime workers, whether it is ready or not. Mica’s Transportation and Infrastructure Committee held hearings last week at which the TSA was scolded for not having the biometric version of its security program up and […] read more

Biometrics and Human Rights

Biometric technology is growing at an incredible rate.  The use of biometric technology, such as electronic iris scans, has the potential to increase public safety by providing better control to sensitive areas like nuclear power plants.  Even retail companies are getting in on the trend. But there is also grave risk to human rights.  J. […] read more

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NFL Lockout

The Looming NFL Lockout Who’s to Blame? In most labor disputes, it’s easy to pick sides. Just support the little guy. It’s easy to root for a worker trying to raise a family on $30,000 a year, who is struggling to get a 5% raise from a CEO that makes $5 million a year. But […] read more

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New workrights web site goes live

After more than a year in development the new web site has launched. We know you will find it more user friendly and hopefully you will find it a great resource for information regarding employee rights in the workplace. read more

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Electronic Monitoring

When is electronic monitoring going too far? read more

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